Tiny Tea Cups reserve the right to change prices & information at any time, which may not include updating the website.


Porridge £1.60

Porridge&honey or jam £1.80

Toast 95p a slice

Child’s toast 60p

Toasted teacake & butter £1.50

Marmalade & jam portion 20p

Scrambled egg on toast £2.95

Beans or spaghetti on toast £2.95

Additional items

Tomato or onion 50p per portion

Mushroom 75p per portion

Bacon slice or sausage £1 per portion

Sandwiches served with salad garnish and homemade coleslaw

Cheese £3.10

Ham £3.30

Tuna mayo £3.60

Sausage or bacon £2.95

Paninis served with salad garnish and homemade coleslaw

Cheese £3.95

Cheese & onion £4.10

Cheese & tomato £4.25

Ham & cheese £4.55

Tuna mayo & cheese £4.75

Soup and sandwich £4.75

Soup and panini £5.95

Jacket potato served with salad garnish

Butter £2.75

Beans or spaghetti £3.50

Cheese £3.50

Cheese & onion £3.65

Homemade coleslaw £3.75

Tuna mayo £3.90

Home made soup £2.95

Children’s menu

Sandwich (2 squares) £1.10

Sandwich (4 squares) £1.60

Sandwiches to choose from ham, cheese or jam

Half a jacket potato with butter £1.35

Half jacket potato with cheese £1.75

Half jacket potato with beans £1.75

Half jacket potato with spaghetti £1.75

Half jacket potato with tuna mayo £1.90

Tiny teacups lunchbox £3.00- sandwich(2squares), cucumber, yoghurt, piece of fruit or raisin box, pombear snack and cup of cordial or milk

Tiny teacups platter £3.00- hummus, breadsticks, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, ham or cheese and a cup of cordial or milk


Hot drinks

Latte £2.20 (large £2.50)

Cappuccino £2.20 (large £2.50)

Americano £1.95 (large £2.25)

Filter coffee £1.55 (large £1.75)

Espresso single £1.50 double £1.90

Hot chocolate £2.50

Hot chocolate with cream or marshmallows £2.60

Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows £2.70

Pot of tea for 1 £1.80

Pot of tea for 2 £3.20

Extra shot of coffee 45p

Shot of syrup 40p

Cold drinks

Coke £1.10

Diet coke 95p

Fruit shoot £1.10

Bottle of water £1

Radnor fruit carton £1.10

Fresh apple £1.10

Fresh orange £1.10

Sanpellegrino £1.20

Glass of milk child 50p adult £1

Child’s cordial cup 50p

Cordial jug £2

Yazoo milk drink £1.30- £1.50

Zero sugar fanta 95p